A special welcome for Young Pharmacists and First Timers!

What is the First Timers Mentor (FTM) programme?


This year FIP will once again host the First Timers Mentor Programme, where First Time Congress participants will be grouped with other First Timers and introduced to experienced pharmacists who we call “Mentors”.

How did it all start?

The FTM programme started several years ago at the FIP Congress in Basel, Switzerland. The idea came about from some young pharmacists and FIP representatives who thought that this group of first time participants and eager colleagues needed some guidance when going to the congress for the first time.

When you go to foreign country for a first international congress, we know that you definitely want to make the most of your experience! This was the reason we published the short newsletter back then about what FIP was and what it offered to members. Every year the programme has a different approach – in Istanbul we met with first timers in person and chatted. The year after in Lisbon, every first timer had an allocated mentor before the congress itself. Then, in Lisbon, we met together and created the groups with mentors who guided the attendees through the congress. In Hyderabad, the programme of a 15-minute briefing was very simple – short introduction of what FIP was and what FIP offered. With the great help of six experienced FIP attendees – sections´ representatives who had wonderful short speeches - we could give the new 100 attendees the rough picture of what they could expect from next few Congress days. First Timers were able to reach FIP representatives afterwards and the discussion was flowing! The meeting was well attended – some of the first timers had to stand up, however they said it was great to meet with other friends from all corners of the world!

All are now welcome to join us at the FIP Centennial in Amsterdam!

Why should you participate in the FTM Programme?

This year we will have another positive change in the FTM scenario! This year is very special for us as the FIP president, Mr. Buchmann, will greet the first timers when we meet in the marked area of the Exhibition Hall. Moreover, the first timers will be able to meet not only mentors (experienced congress participants) but also representatives from FIP Sections and Special Interest Groups. Therefore there will be a great opportunity for new attendees to exchange ideas, meet interesting people and get involved in the vast array of projects that FIP offers all our Members!

Who is a “mentor”?

Mentors are pharmacists who have attended at least one previous FIP Congress - their experience makes them perfect candidates to orient you to the FIP Congress activities. The Mentor will let you know a little bit about FIP, the Congress - the programme, social events, workshops etc - and to bring you together with participants to immediately start building your own FIP Global Network - which also means creating life-long friendships. Come and meet with mentors on the first day of congress after Opening Ceremony.

Where will we meet?

The first timers will meet in the Emerald room (first floor) just after the Opening Ceremony! There will be drinks and fingerfood served. We hope the meeting is a pleasant and unforgettable experience for everyone!

How to join?

If you are interested in participating in the First Timers Mentor Programme, contact Veronika at firsttimers@fip.org and let us know.

You can also join the Facebook group  "International Pharmaceutical Federation" and share your thoughts and ideas!

YPG Awards

Each year YPG offers several awards for Young Pharmacists to attend the FIP Congress. These awards, such as the YPG Award for Professional Innovation and the Mike How Award are based on projects and initiatives undertaken by Young Pharmacists and judged on the criteria set out under the award guidelines. For more information  please visit the FIP Website here.